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Comments from Students and Parents of Students:

"Martha has taught my son Jory cello since he was 6! Thanks to Martha, Jory has developed into a young man who identifies as a musician, and who definitely sees music as what his life will always be about. Martha's method draws from different techniques and has always allowed children to express themselves creatively. Her 'gatherings' allow kids to experience the joys of making music with others as well as develop the skills needed for collective music making. At the end of each teaching year there is a celebratory gathering that allows each student to showcase his/her work. This June will be our 10th gathering! Thanks, Martha!!!" P.C.

"Martha has been my teacher for three months now, and I love playing the cello even more than I thought I would. I have a low threshold for frustration, but with her patience, clear guidance and warm support I am learning to work through my desire to snap the bow in half. Each lesson is a good balance of exercises that are good for you, the pieces that are challenging but fun to play, and the duets that make the pieces come alive. She's keenly observant of my fingering and bowing foibles, and has specific and constructive advice on how to fix them. She even helps me write music that I've been trying to pick out on the cello. She seems to enjoy each lesson as much as I do!" C.C.

"I have been taking cello lessons with Martha for the past four years after a hiatus of many more. Martha is truly an inspirational teacher. She holds high expectations for achievement, yet she does not impose time frames in which her students must meet these expectations. The result is a most enjoyable music learning experience—highly recommended." P.L.

"Martha, through her patience and compassion has shown me that what at first appeared impossible, is in fact, 'doable.' I started studying cello with Martha late in life, a year and a half ago. My weekly lessons are rewarding and enriching. She allows her students to progress at their own pace. Group sessions are stimulating-playing with others who are more or less on the same musical level is exciting, and Martha is an excellent coach. Playing in front of an audience at the annual 'Gathering is a wonderful experience—and even if it makes some of us nervous, it makes us feel like pros! Thank you Martha for enriching my life!" A.B.

"Shortly after retiring, I began taking lessons with Martha. I was virtually a beginner with no musical background or knowledge of string instruments. Martha's patience with beginner students is limitless. She is always upbeat, encouraging, and never down-putting. She allowed me to progress at my own pace using an eclectic approach drawing from different musical styles. Five years have passed and I still look forward to my weekly lessons with Martha as well as the group get-togethers with other cello students." G.C.