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My Musical Background in Brooklyn, NY, and Beyond

I come from a family enamored with music. Bach was a household icon for us; we even hosted Bach birthday parties every year. I began learning the piano at age five but didn’t connect with the instrument. When I “met” my first cello at age eleven, I fell in love – and that love has endured throughout the rest of my life. I encourage you to learn more about my musical background in Brooklyn and beyond, and then contact me to schedule your lessons.


Throughout middle and high school, I played chamber music and participated in school and borough-wide orchestras. I majored in Music at Bennington College in Vermont and even joined the Vermont State Symphony.

Following graduation, I spent a year in Paris, taking cello lessons and studying composition. Upon returning to NYC, I earned my Master of Arts Degree in Cello Performance at Brooklyn College while also launching my self-styled performing and teaching career.


Throughout my career, I’ve performed in various groups, such as a five-woman chamber ensemble called Mother Chord and a mandolin-English Concertina-cello trio called Calle Strada Strasse. I also enjoyed the pleasure of working with a musician who took me around the world: Suni Paz, an Argentine singer/songwriter with whom I performed from 1976 to 1997. We toured Germany, Mexico, and the United States. Despite Suni's move to Nevada, we still get together for musical performances every year.

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