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Chamber Music Coach in Brooklyn, NY

What Martha has to say about herself as a teacher:

I am a "neighborhood" cello teacher and chamber music coach in Brooklyn, NY. My music studio, "Martha's Music Studio" is forever filled with the sounds of persevering music students striving to create beauty.

I teach anyone who shares the passion for cello (or violin, or chamber music). I tend to attract many adults who always wanted to play the cello, but postponed it, and finally decided it's now or never. Similarly, I teach several adults who played through adolescence but quit, and now want to play again. I've been teaching since I was a teenager, and fortunately, multiple decades later, I'm still cherishing every student, every moment of music-making. I hear musicality in all of my students and strive to help them express it.

I truly appreciate all the efforts to produce sound. I am never bored or impatient! My approach to my students is informal, unpressured, and encouraging. I play with my students all the time, creating occasions for performance, and giving my students contexts for taking pride in their musical achievements. As a chamber music coach, I feel that playing should not be an isolating experience but something to be shared. I organize groups every year: beginner and advanced kids; beginner, intermediate, and advanced adults. I provide an opportunity for my students to socialize with each other as well. I have a huge library of group cello music and chamber music for different combinations of instruments. I also form groups and coach them.

I am sensitive to the musical tastes of my students and try to cater to them. Most are very happy with Alwin Schroeder Foundation Studies, Carl Schroder Violoncello Method, and the Suzuki Books. Others are also interested in folk or pop-Disney movie music, The Lord of the Rings, Beatles songs, various ethnic music, or personal favorites. It is a joyous moment when a student is ready to begin their study of the Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suites!

I encourage students to figure out songs they know by ear on the cello. Sometimes, if a student is interested, we improvise together and even compose! I teach basic music theory: the Circle of 5ths, intervals, and ear training. In my teaching, through the use of playful games, I can help students "sharpen" their listening and memorization skills.

Every June, I hold a gathering of my students at a neighborhood church to allow them to share their music. Children and adults alike, appreciate the relaxed and uncompetitive atmosphere I create by allowing students to play a piece again if they feel they can perform it better. My students tell me that this opportunity relaxes them.

Most of my students rent instruments for the first year or so, particularly smaller kids who are not yet big enough for a full-sized (4/4) cello. Once a student is interested in buying, I recommend many good dealers, and sometimes I will even accompany students to help them select one.

If you or your child has been thinking about taking cello lessons or if you’re looking for a chamber music coach on an instrument that you already play, do not hesitate to contact me. I'd love to discuss the possibilities with you. My rates are notably reasonable, as you will learn when you contact me.

Aside from being a chamber music coach, I'm also an avid chamber music player. If you need music for an event/reception/party/wedding, I can put together an ensemble that would fit your needs! (String Quartet/Trio/with winds, etc.)

If you want to learn more about basic music theory or need a chamber music coach, call now and let’s schedule your lessons!